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The oil and gas industry plays a major part in Louisiana’s economy and workforce. The petroleum and oil industry accounts for nearly 25% of the state’s total revenues, totaling close to $1.2 billion. Additionally, the petroleum industry employs more than 110,000 people every year, which accounts for approximately 6% of Louisiana’s total workforce. Though Texas far outpaces any second or third-place competition, Louisiana still comfortably ranks among the top ten states in the country for crude oil production.

Essential to the state’s and country’s economic and industrial force, though it may be, oil field jobs are inherently dangerous and come with a risk of serious injuries and even death. Being an oil rig worker is a physically demanding profession that requires all workers to always be alert for heavy machinery, dangerous chemicals, and more. And while oil industry employers are held to certain standards put forth by the health administration and must abide by OSHA regulations, that does not prevent employers from cutting corners, keeping defective equipment in use, and showing negligence on the oil fields.

Most oilfield workers have heard of others suffering serious injury or worse while on oilfield jobs. That, or they’ve been witness to such an oilfield injury themselves. Unfortunately, such dangers seem to go with the territory, which is why occupational safety is paramount. Or at least, it should be.

If you are an oil and gas worker who has suffered an injury at the drilling site, you have the right to pursue workers’ compensation and other benefits. If your oil field injury was the result of a negligent employer and their practices, you deserve justice and a personal injury attorney who will ensure that the at-fault parties are held responsible for their wrongdoings.

Landgrave Garcia Injury Attorneys is a personal injury law firm with years of experience representing clients in complex personal injury legal matters, including the complexities of oil field accident cases. Our law firm takes pride in providing compassionate and empathetic legal services to clients and their family members facing difficult times following personal injury accidents. We are a legal team that is committed to forging bonds in the Louisiana community and are well familiar with the importance of oil field jobs to many Louisiana workers. To learn more about our legal services and to discuss your case in more detail, please schedule your free initial consultation by contacting our Lafayette, Louisiana, law office today.

What Should Oilfield Workers Do After an Accident?

It is important to act quickly following an oil field accident that causes serious injury. Not only could swift action save your life or reduce your suffering, but it may also be the difference between recovering maximum compensation for your personal injury case or meager workers’ compensation benefits and nothing else.

The first thing you must do is seek emergency medical attention. Do this even if you feel like you’ve suffered only minor injuries. Some injuries are not always immediately apparent and may only manifest days later. Failure to seek immediate medical care could result in your personal injury claim being dismissed.

Next, report your oil field injury to your immediate supervisor or the designated supervisor on the oil fields. This must be done in a timely manner to ensure that proper protocols are followed.

Document the oil field accident to the utmost of your ability. Important facts include the time, location, and circumstances of the oil rig prior to the accident occurring. Also, get photographic or video evidence of the accident scene as well as your injuries. If possible, seek eyewitness testimonies from those who were there to see the oil rig accident unfold.

If there is an insurance adjuster on the scene, you are under no obligation to speak to them. If they insist on speaking with you, direct them instead to speak with your personal injury attorney.

This would be the time to hire your personal injury lawyers. Our Attorneys have years of experience representing clients in complex oil field accident cases, and we would be proud to represent your claim throughout the legal process.

What Are the Most Dangerous Professions in the Oil and Gas Industry?

Many jobs in the oil and gas industry are dangerous, but none more so than those on oil rigs and drilling platforms. There’s no shortage of dangers, and the prospect of rescue, safety, and security can feel very far away.

Some of the most hazardous jobs in Louisiana oil fields include:

  • Drillers.
  • Motormen.
  • Oil derrick operators.
  • Roughnecks.
  • Roustabouts.
  • Truck drivers.

What Are Common Types of Oil Field Accidents?

Some of the most common causes of oil field accidents relate to poorly maintained workspace or heavy machinery. When there is so much on the line, including life and limb, it is vital that oil rig workers be given equipment and workspaces that are safe to use. Failure to provide search environments can be met with catastrophe.

Common types of oil field accidents include:

  • ‘Caught-between’ accidents.
  • Dangerous blowouts in drilling operations.
  • Dangerous failures of heavy equipment and machinery
  • Defective machinery.
  • Defective parts.
  • Electrocution.
  • Exposure to hazardous chemicals.
  • Falling objects.
  • Fires.
  • Gas leak explosions.
  • Improper work procedures.
  • Improperly or inadequately trained employees.
  • Oil truck accidents.
  • Pipe failures and defects.
  • Safety violations.
  • Slip and fall or trip and fall accidents.
  • The hiring of unqualified oil rig workers.

What Are Common Oilfield Injuries?

The severity of oil field accident injuries can vary from minor to severe, with some catastrophic injuries being life-altering or proving to be fatal.

Common oil field accident injuries include the following:

  • Amputations and loss of limbs.
  • Broken bones and bone fractures.
  • Burn injuries.
  • Chemical burns.
  • Concussions and head traumas.
  • Contusions.
  • Crushing injuries.
  • Electrocution.
  • Facial disfigurement.
  • Hearing loss.
  • Lacerations.
  • Loss of sight.
  • Lung damage.
  • Overexertion injuries.
  • Puncture wounds.
  • Repetitive motion injuries.
  • Soft tissue injuries.
  • Traumatic brain injuries.
  • Wrongful death.

Personal injury victims deserve the right to pursue justice and financial compensation for their pain and suffering. We would be proud to assist you in that aim by providing you with compassionate legal representation.

How Long Do You Have to File Your Personal Injury Lawsuit?

There is a strict statute of limitations for filing personal injury claims in the state of Louisiana. You must file your personal injury lawsuit within one year of the accident that caused the injury or loss of life if you hope to recover compensation. Failure to file your personal injury case within the time window provided could result in your case being dismissed and your right to recover compensation forever lost.

Do not delay in speaking with experienced personal injury attorneys about your oil field accident case. We would be proud to assist you in these legal matters.

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Whether you are a rig worker who has suffered an oilfield injury or you are a family member grieving the loss of a loved one after fatal injuries, you deserve the right to seek justice and pursue compensation. Oilfield work is inherently dangerous, but that does not excuse negligence.

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